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"I enjoy all of the massage session. I love the warm towels, comfy bed, music, perfumed balms. I very much like the continued consultation, explanation and feedback given. Especially I enjoy Susanna's calm efficiency, and undemanding care. As for the results, I had a loss of mobility and painful tension in my shoulder and it is free and fully mobile now. I can now do everyday things easily, I also hugely improved my technical ability in violin. I don't feel sore at the end of lengthy playing."
M. W., musician and violin teacher

"Neck massage is especially relaxing and feels brilliant. Since having massages with Susanna, I have less knee pain and less tightness in back and shoulders, also less headaches. Thank you for the brilliant service. You're very professional."
Z. K., school teacher

"I have been delightfully amazed at the results I have obtained with Susanna's gently yet thorough massage of my neck to alleviate an unevenness in the spine. The cells responded beautifully to her work and I am feeling so much better and well balanced. I highly recommend this style of massage method for good health throughout the whole bodily system to obtain maximum good health."
F. K., yoga teacher

"Just a quick Thank you for your amazing massages. It is a time that I look forward to - my special Wednesday night treat! You are a very clever lady and I just don't know what I'll do when you are away!! Thanks again, you're just fab!"
A. L., school teacher

"Sports massage loosens my up so my stroke feels better and easier to maintain. I enjoy all of it because it makes me feel better at the end of it."
D. R., competitive swimmer

"I'm calling to actually cancel our next appointment. My daughter's back is so much better, it seems to have cured over night after the last session. Thanks for everything you've done for her. We will hopefully not need to get in touch again. Thank you."
Mother of a 9-year old client, by phone.

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