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About BWELL™

BWELL was born out of Dieter and Susanna Dvorak's vision to create a service catering for the many people who are healthy yet wish to fulfil their true potential for joy, happiness and life satisfaction.
To achieve this goal for our clients, a truly holistic approach was taken in creating a structured combination of coaching, consultation and massage services.

This combination of services is designed to assist our clients in creating, maintaining and optimising their personal well-being of both mind and body.

Our Philosophy
The philosophy that binds together our services is that we aim to empower our clients through increased clarity which forms the basis for their taking active control over their personal well-being.

Fostering physical and mental calmness is the third pillar on which BWELL services rest.
We acknowledge the fact that sometimes, when mind or body are unwell, treatment is needed first before true well-being can be achieved. We are therefore happy and able to provide therapeutic assistance when required and appropriate, or refer on to professional providers when required.

Dieter and Susanna Dvorak
Dieter and Susanna are a married couple with two children. Originally from Germany, they came to New Zealand in 1995, and have been living in West Auckland since.

Auckland registered psychologist Dieter Dvorak

Dieter is a NZ university trained and registered psychologist whose personal experience with mindfulness and meditation reaches back to the 1980s. He participated in a number of mindfulness retreats and courses in Europe before moving to New Zealand, where he underwent formal university training to become a clinical psychologist and developed "Mindfulness for Life" as a unique blend of traditional mindfulness techniques and science based strategies.
For more about Dieter's psychology practice, see
Auckland massage practitioner Susanna Dvorak

Susanna trained as a Massage practitioner at the NZ College of Massage, and is continuing her studies in the alternative health sector. She has an engineering diploma in telecommunications and worked in the IT/Telco industry but has opted for a career change in order to develop and grow BWELL together with Dieter. She is also an experienced long distance swimmer, and has taken part in numerous running and multi-sport competitions.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

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